An essential solar component in the oil field.

"I was asked to try a Viking Switch about a year ago. I was skeptical when the idea was presented to me but agreed to give it a shot. I was amazed at how well it worked. It increased production for the Oil & Gas customers and revenue for us, the chemical provider. The applications that this switch can be used for, to increase solar equipment reliability, are limitless." -Jason McCann, E&P Services Group

The Viking Switch is a battery control device...

...designed specifically to optimize and lengthen the life span of solarcharged 12-volt batteries used to power chemical injection pumps.

Save you time and effort

In solar powered systems, a shortage of sunlight, cloudy weather or location obstructions can create problems for maintaining battery voltage and maintaining desired chemical injection rates.

The Viking Switch dramatically reduces a chemical pump’s downtime due to bad weather and reduced sunlight by monitoring battery levels and adjusting power supply between two batteries, each charged by its own solar panel.

How it works

Viking Switch Will Help Prevent

  • Loss of battery life and inefficiencies,
  • Replacement battery costs,
  • Reduced chemical injection rate,
  • Potential damage to a wellbore or pipeline,
  • Lost chemical revenue,
  • Additional trip charges resulting in increased labor and fuel costs.

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